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The Day I Had a Dinosaur

A fun-filled friendship story about our favorite prehistoric reptiles…Dinosaurs!

When Luke and his friends have “real-life” dinosaurs for a day, there can only be one outcome, the best-osaurus day ever! Join these kind-hearted friends as they adventure through their day, ensuring that no dinosaur is left out, and everyone has fun working together.  

Book Details

  • Illustrator: Vaughan Duck
  • Formats available: Hardback and eBook
  • ISBN Hardcover: 978-1-960616-11-1
  • Publication Date: June 2024

Reviews and Accolades

Readers’ Choice Book Award Finalist

“A laugh-out-loud, fun-filled playground adventure, with a dino-sized twist.” – Readers’ Choice Book Award

“Highlighting the importance of patience, kindness, empathy, and never giving up, this is a well-rounded, heartwarming story that’s so fun that its lessons about friendship and supporting each other slip in offhandedly, without didacticism. The spread of worn-out dinos being carted by kids on skateboards, strollers, and wagons is laugh-out-loud funny, but even that is one-upped, a page later, by a vision of dinos striking yoga poses.” – Booklife

“There are several SEL components to the story. The children display empathy and kindness throughout the book … A new worthy addition to the series, The Day I Had a Dinosaur, provides multiple learning opportunities while being a fun and engaging story.” – The Barefoot Librarian.

“My 3- and 6-year-old LOVED this book!” – Deb R., Reviewer and Librarian

“Embedded into the story are accompanying messages about diversity, friendship, problem-solving, adaptation, and building inclusive support systems. These themes will especially delight adults looking for picture books that feature basic examples of cooperative thinking.” – Midwest Book Review

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